ICE trikes are available with a wide range of Schwalbe tyres. We chose to work with Schwalbe, not only because of the excellent quality of their tyres and the wide range of styles which they have available in 20” to fit our wheels, but because of their excellent customer service .


The tyres we offer are shown in the table below, which ones are right for you depends on you, your riding style, your priorities and where you ride. There is no best tyre as a tyre which is perfect for one person might be useless for another. For instance, a person on a long tour would not want to use lightweight racing tyres, despite them being faster, as they would be uncomfortable and prone to punctures. Conversely a racer would not want touring tyres as they are heavy and slow compared to the tyres that they need. All the tyres in the table below are made by Schwalbe.

Description Pros Cons
Citizen Low cost all around tyre with a medium tread and a hard wearing compound.,47mm Low cost, good puncture resistance and long life. Reduced grip on smooth surfaces due to hard rubber compound and,slightly increased rolling resistance and weight compared to higher quality,tyres.
Tryker A tyre specifically designed for trikes, it has a square
profile to increase the contact patch and improve grip and rolling resistance.,40mm
Excellent grip on tarmac, good all round tyre with good rolling,resistance, puncture resistance and wear life. Smooth tread pattern offers low grip on trails and off road. Slightly,smaller size is not as comfortable as more balloon type tyres.
Marathon Plus 1.35 The Marathon plus is a very puncture resistant tyre. It has a thick, hard puncture protection band around the centre to reduce the risk of flat tyres.,This is the narrow size.,35mm Great puncture resistance, good grip on all surfaces due to good,rubber compound and medium tread, long wear life. It is an excellent touring,tyre. In the narrow size it has very good rolling resistance for a tyre of,this type. Heavier and slower than other tyre options due to increased amount of,rubber. Narrow size can be a harsh ride and very difficult to fit.
Marathon Plus 1.75 This is the wide version of the Marathon plus offering all of the,puncture resistance of the narrow version but a bit more of a cushioned ride.,47mm Great puncture resistance, comfortable ride and good grip on all,surfaces with a very long wear life. Easier to fit and remove than the narrow,version. Heavy and slow, this tyre has a lot of rubber to keep you safe from,punctures.
Big Apple The original “Balloon Bike” tyre, the Schwalbe Big apple is a very,large tyre with lots of cushioning providing a feeling almost like having a,small amount of suspension. This tyre gives a very comfortable ride.,50mm. Comfortable ride, good all-around performance for speed, puncture,resistance and wear. Versatile, can be aired down for extra comfort without,risking pinch flats or pumped up for speed with good results due to minimal,tread. Quite large and heavy so they are not as fast rolling or aerodynamic,as some smaller tyres.
Kojak The Kojak is a light tyre with a wide profile and a smooth tread to keep if fast, comfortable and quiet. It makes a great choice for fast day to day riding on rougher roads.,32mm Fast, comfortable and quiet with excellent cornering grip. Lower puncture resistance, quite susceptible to cuts due to soft,rubber compound.
Durano The Durano is a narrow fast tyre for training and riding in less than ideal conditions with a hard rubber compound to make it durable.,28mm Fast, hardwearing, good puncture resistance for a small tyre. Harsh ride, doesn’t fit well on wide rims, suitable for Spritn X and VTX only.
One The Schwalbe One is a very light, fast race tyre. It is
quite susceptible to punctures and does not last a long time but it is the
fastest tyre we know of in 406 size.,23mm
fast, good cornering grip with soft rubber. Very high max pressure.
puncture resistance, short life, very narrow so harsh ride.
Jumbo Jim The Full Fat tyre, at 4” wide these monsters allow you to
float over rocks, roots, mud, sand and snow.,100mm
offroad grip, floatation and control
on smooth surfaces. Heavy.




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